Thank you so much for this amazing experience. It was unforgettable
: Will Martorano
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication that was so obvious as I watched the Operafest 2010! It was truly marvelous! The kids are so talented and so well prepared. They are a wonderful testament to their teachers! It was a pleasure
: Sue Vitale
On behalf of the Bravo Alliance of Performing Artists, Inc., I wish to express our sincere gratitude to you and your students for an outstanding performance on July 25, 2010 at The Most Blessed Sacrament Church in Franklin Lakes. The props, stage crew, costumes and performers for Operafest 2010 surpassed our expectations. They were marvelous and people from the audience thought very highly of them. Some of the comments that I received from my avid opera friends were: “They were Awesome.” “Their talent is unbelievable.” “I am so glad I didn’t miss this concert. It was one of the best.” The positive comments were numerous as well as the continued praise from phone calls that I received from various people. Kudos, plaudits, and BRAVI to everyone. I hope you and your students will perform for us in the future. Congratulations!
: Joanne Williams
President - Bravo Alliance of Performing Artists Inc.
I thought Operafest was a beautifully effective harnessing and releasing of creative energy. I was reminded every day of how well planned, well considered and still spontaneous the entire process was. I saw each of the adults consistently go to great lengths to ensure that the talent was nurtured, nourished and caringly and professionally urged toward growth.
: Corey Parker
Actor & Acting Professor
Markos had a wonderful experience at OperaFest… he is sooooooooooooooo sad it’s over. He will miss everyone and would love to stay in touch.
Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!
Please give our heartfelt gratitude and warm regards to the rest of the faculty too… We miss everyone already.
: Markos Simopoulos’s mother
OperaFest was an opportunity to study intensively with teachers that I may not otherwise have access to. I grew tremendously as a singer and actor. It gave me the opportunity to socialize with other singers in a non-competitive environment. Thank you for an experience that I will remember forever
: Maria De Conzo
Operafest really made me realize for sure that I want to sing for a living. I knew I needed to feel the rigor of an opera company-type setting and Operafest really helped me experience the difficult environment that I now know I want to enter. I grew so much in my acting as well. I had never really been skilled in acting and now I can sing and really act out the character I am playing at the same time. I was almost pushed to my limit, but I have definitely grown as a complete performer after my experience at Operafest.
: Sarah Heilman
If I had to pick one summer that stands out in my memory, it would be the summer of 2009 when I participated in Operafest. Not only did I meet new incredible, talented people, but I also grew tremendously as a solo and group performer. The experience was definitely intense, but in the best way possible. The instructors taught me so many valuable lessons and I even found myself learning form my peers. I highly recommend this program for dedicated singers who want to learn about opera technique and performance, as well as many other aspects of the art of vocal performance!
: Monique Owens
The training and performance opportunities of Operafest far exceeded my expectations year after year. I don’t know how else I could have studied with such accomplished artists all in one beautiful location. Each and every teacher at Operafest became a mentor and friend who came to understand me fully as a young artist, and who worked closely with me in a way unique to my talents and goals
: Brianna Meese

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