Typical Daily Schedule

9:00 -   9:50     Yoga for Singers  
10:00 - 11:20    Master Classes - Diction (Italian, French, German, English)
                         Audition Preparation, Musical Style, Stage Movement
11:30 - 1:00     Acting Class with David Ostwald
1:00 -  1:30      Lunch / Pause / Break
1:30 -   6:00     Coachings, Role Preparation, Voice Lessons, Staging Rehearsals

Class sizes are limited to
insure individual attention

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I thought Operafest was a beautifully effective harnessing and releasing of creative energy. I was reminded every day of how well planned, well considered and still spontaneous the entire process was. I saw each of the adults consistently go to great lengths to ensure that the talent was nurtured, nourished and caringly and professionally urged toward growth.

Corey Parker
Actor & Acting Professor